Meredith and JD's song was L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole.  I choreographed a fun Foxtrot, Rumba, and Swing Medley.  It ended up being super cute...and they performed excellently!!

 Kristen and BJ performing a Viennese Waltz routine...they were performing to get the nerves out before they danced it as their wedding dance!!

 Meredith and JD performing their Foxtrot, Rumba, and Swing Medley!  So CUTE!!

 Mary and Uli performing a Waltz!!  They were brave and performed a routine that was put together and taught at the last minute!!  They did a great job!!

 Bill and Linda performing a Charleston Routine...they originally learned for a Dance Competition at Linda's work...which of course they took 1st Place!!!  I am so proud!!

Chris and I performing a Waltz.  Chris learned and executed an amazing lift in this routine...sadly I do not have a picture of it.